Restoration Has Begun, and Continues!

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Work has begun on the restoration and preservation of several key features of the Stanton House — the portico at the front door, the porch railings and the porch floor. You may have noticed that carpentry and painting has been underway for awhile now, and already the house is beginning to look more like its former self. This work was partially funded by a grant from the 1772 Foundation in cooperation with the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation. Additional funds were provided by the Clinton Historical Society. We are also grateful to our members, friends, and supporters who helped kick off the long-term preservation project that will be part of maintaining this exceptional museum.

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And, we’re not stopping!

We Have a Roof to Raise!

Book your seating to the High Tea Party. A Fundraiser to repair the roof. All Donations go to the Roof Fund.

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Donations can be more than a monetary one, by the generous offer of your time and talents.